comply with与abide by之间的区别


1. comply with与abide by都有遵守的含义,但是二者在用法上有很大的差别: comply with的主语通常为物,abide by的主语通常为人。

2. 这里再补充一点,follow\observe的主语通常也是人;

  另外,conform to的含义一般有两层,一是遵守\符合,二是某种行为与......一致,关于conform to,我这里列出两个例句:

(1) The building does not conform to safety regulations.


(2) Many of us conform to the outdated customs laid down by our forebears.


1comply with


Where the goods replaced again still fail to comply with the standards of delivery for the parties, Party A is entitled to return the goods, and all the resulting losses shall be borne by Party B.

2abide by


Pursuant to the Company Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, Party A, Party B and Party C, through friendly consultation, have reached the following agreement based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit with respect to the nominee shareholding of Party C’s shares by Party B for the benefit of Party A, and are mutually bound to abide by the same.

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